1)What are needed to get a quick quote?
---The material
---The printing color
---The structure
---The Size
---The finishing
---The Qty

2) What kind of artwork is OK?
I. Artwork created on Mac and PC, must have all text outlined(font info) and must be original vector file.
II. Color: CMYK & Pantone
Each different color should be on a separate layer where possible, this enable us to add grips and bleeds where are necessary.

3)What if I do not have specific/set structure, and artwork?
Feel free to contact at
sales@hongchan.com.cn, professional suggestions will be offered.

4)What if I want to use the fancy paper instead of normally used white paper?
Pls send us the fancy paper samples you have chosed or we will send you paper swatches.

T/T, West Union